Preparation makes perfect for Andy

Preparation makes perfect for Andy

Andy -

Speaking ahead of The Brisbane International Andy expressed his relief at beginning a new season without the expectation of ‘that first slam’ looming over his head. “I probably feel a little more relaxed than I usually do a few weeks out from a slam. But I’m sure once I get back on the court everything stays the same. I prepared very well in Miami and trained hard to get myself ready for the new season, and I hope I can be successful here.”

Consistency and fitness have both been at the forefront of Andy’s preparation for 2013. Confirming his confidence behind a winning return Andy explained, “You need to try and make sure that the worst parts of your game, which can still be strong, that you keep improving them and try and make them the best you can be. I did a lot of physical stuff the first few weeks, made a few technical changes, worked on a few things and then started playing a lot of points.”

Reflecting on his 2012 achievements a smiling Andy explained that not much had changed and that he was still very well grounded, “After the Olympics and US Open I got a few upgrades on flights and nice things like that. I’ve had a lot of congratulations, a lot of people knew my story and how long it had been since a British player had won a slam and how many times I had lost. It was very nice for me to finally be able to move on and not worry about that stuff anymore”

Further reflecting on his 2012 triumphs particularly on his OBE, Andy admitted that despite speculation it was still too early to become a Knight: “I said at the time, you need to do a lot for a long time to deserve an honor like that. I’ve only been doing this for a couple of years, so I think I’ll definitely need to win a few more matches to have a chance of getting that, but getting the OBE topped off a great year for me, fingers crossed for 2013.”

You can follow Andy’s progress in Brisbane here: