Andy Murray




Andy announced today that he has made his first investments in start-ups of 2016 on the UK’s No.1 equity crowdfunding platform, Seedrs.

Murray identified the five, very different businesses he wanted to back, investing undisclosed amounts into each. He plans to make further investments on the platform as the year continues, as part of his strategic relationship with Seedrs.

His investments include: 2015’s Start-up of the Year Oppo Ice Cream; FinTech50 2015, annual travel ticket subscription service CommuterClub; the UK’s fastest growing P2P lender Landbay, which recently announced a partnership with Zoopla; We are Colony, a global film streaming platform founded by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Sarah Tierney; and Readbug, the ‘Netflix for Magazines’.

Oppo Ice Cream successfully raised over £390,000 in just over a week on Seedrs, far exceeding its fundraising target of £150,000 within just four hours of going live. Oppo is on a mission to prove that health and indulgence can go hand in hand; with guilt free luxury coconut oil based ice cream that has fewer calories than an apple.

CommuterClub, described as one of ‘the hottest FinTechs in Europe’ is currently fundraising on Seedrs, having raised over £350,000 to date of its £650,000 target. CommuterClub helps commuters save time and money by offering season tickets as a subscription service.

Landbay, which recently announced an investment in the company by Zoopla, is back on the Seedrs platform for its fifth funding round, since launching in December 2013, and have raised over £1.2m in the current round. The marketplace lender focuses on prime residential mortgages and is now the UK’s fastest growing peer-to-peer platform.

We are Colony, a global film-streaming platform, is currently raising £500,000 and has surpassed 70% of its target in just a fortnight. The site creates beautiful special edition bundles of quality films with exclusive content, such as interviews, deleted scenes, stills, scripts and more. The brand only launched publicly in Spring 2015 but already has registered account holders in 115 countries.

Murray’s final investment is into Readbug, having missed out on its first funding round in May 2014 when it exceeded its funding target. Readbug is looking to raise £50,000 this round with the campaign already hitting its target and overfunding on Seedrs just a week after going live. Readbug offers all the magazines you love in one app and is on a mission to change the way digital magazines are consumed.

Murray said about the investments, “Giving recognition and support to British entrepreneurs is important to me, especially those who are the driving force behind growth-focused businesses. Every one of these entrepreneurs is inspirational and dedicated to their business and I’m excited to have invested in their team’s vision and work ethic.”

“It’s been an exciting start to 2016 for me, for many reasons. To see Seedrs reach £100 million on the platform and so many ambitious and dynamic businesses currently fundraising, means it’s a great start to 2016 for them as well.”

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said, “It’s great to see Andy supporting British entrepreneurs so actively on Seedrs by investing in their businesses. Seedrs is now the most active seed-stage equity investor in the UK, and our continued growth and leading position in the market are testament to our reputation and the support from people like Andy.”